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Carla Chan, L.Ac.

Growing up in Hong Kong, one of the major financial centers in Asia, it seemed quite natural that I obtained a business degree and worked as a financial analyst. After a decade of corporate life, I decided to take a break and pursue my dream to travel around the world. During my 2-year backpacking trip, I hiked around the most beautiful mountains in the world and was inspired by people who live quite simple lives. But I also met many who were struggling from severe sickness and didn't have access to basic health care. I knew then that I wanted to learn skills to help others during my future travels. I feel grateful that I was brought up in a culture where Chinese and Western medicine are already well-integrated; it made my transition into becoming an acupuncturist relatively seamless. I still enjoy traveling and backpacking, as well as diving, skiing, and, closer to home, hiking the hills of the East Bay.

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Carla Chan, L.Ac.